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What Do People Around the World Think About Killer Robots?

By Heather M. Roff

Over the last few years, global leaders have started debating how to handle the prospect of autonomous weapons—aka killer robots—capable of selecting and engaging targets without human intervention. The implications here are, of course, enormous: Such a system would be able to identify a potential target and decide to fire upon it without a human telling it exactly what to do or perhaps even knowing what it’s going to do. While no military has announced that it possesses autonomous weapons, some countries’ armed forces do possess systems capable of loitering in an area “hunting for a target” and then firing upon it, such as the Israeli Harpy and Harop. Others have systems that can navigate by themselves, communicate with other weapons, and “decide” which target to fire upon from a preselected area or class of targets, like the U.S. Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile. These arms are halfway to a true autonomous weapon.

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