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Hillary Clinton’s Technology Policy Is Surprisingly Solid

By Dan Gillmor

In an era when most politicians don’t even pretend to understand much about technology and innovation, it’s at least a little refreshing to see a campaign actually treat these critical issues with respect. The one in question is Hillary Clinton’s, and its just-released “Initiative on Technology & Innovation” has a lot to recommend.

I’ll start with a disclosure: Despite some serious reservations about Clinton, I’m so freaked out by even the possibility that Donald Trump could become the next U.S. president that I plan to a) donate to the Clinton campaign and b) volunteer to help in other ways. (I’m also well aware of the all-too-normal disconnect between campaign vows and governing reality.) That said, the Clinton tech/innovation proposals offer a considerable amount of common sense. They suggest a practical worldview, though one that operates—perhaps too much—within boundaries created and controlled by the wishes of big business and government.

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