An Exceptional Collaboration

Future Tense is the citizen’s guide to the future. A partnership among Arizona State University, Slate and the New America Foundation, Future Tense explores emerging technologies and their transformative effects on society and public policy.

The success of Future Tense is due to the remarkable collaboration of these partner organizations and the dynamic network of authors, which includes numerous ASU faculty members who are experts in their fields.

About Future Tense

Rather than looking at the tech specs of the hot new gadget (which will be obsolete in a few months), Future Tense explores how our lives will be changed by emerging technologies, robotics, information and communication technologies, synthetic biology, augmented reality, space exploration, and more. Future Tense also examines the policy challenges presented by these breakthroughs. How can legislators properly regulate technologies they can’t even understand? How can we encourage innovation and research that will make a difference in society?

Future Tense asks these questions through live events with policymakers, scholars, scientists, journalists, and interested members of the public. These are held primarily in Washington, DC, but also in New York City, the Phoenix metro area and other venues. In addition, Future Tense publishes content daily on Slate, frequently featuring contributions from ASU faculty and students.

To get Future Tense articles and learn about events, sign up for the weekly newsletter or RSS feed. You can also follow Future Tense on Twitter and read the daily Future Tense blog. A full list of events can be found on the New America Foundation’s website.

Dynamic Network

ASU faculty contribute to Future Tense by writing articles and blog posts, as well as participating in events to express their ideas, share their research findings, and engage with those who share an interest in exploring emerging technologies and their transformative effects on society and public policy.


To join this network and discover how you can contribute as an author, contact Joey Eschrich at (480) 727-8621 or by email at futuretense@asu.edu.

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