Is Pluto a Planet? Who Cares!

Month: July 2015

Is Pluto a Planet? Who Cares!

By Ariel D. Anbar and Dror Ben-Naim Science isn’t about facts. It’s about process. Is Pluto a planet? It seems like a significant scientific question, especially as the New Horizons spacecraft’s encounter with

How OPM Betrayed Me

By Jamie Winterton I trusted it with my most sensitive information. But it didn’t bother securing the data. “Why are you and your spouse divorcing?” The question didn’t surprise me. I’d

We’re Going to See a Lot More Hoaxes Like the Bogus “Twitter Sale” Story. Prepare Yourself.

By Dan Gillmor Most Internet hoaxes have little or no significant impact, but once in a while we see the potential for more serious trouble. That was the case Tuesday, when