It’s difficult to talk about the future. So many of the technologies and scientific breakthroughs that appear to be on the horizon may never come to fruition or will be markedly different than we imagined them. (Hoverboards, anyone?) And the conversations about any development with a science-fiction flavor tend to be polarized: A new technology will save the planet and make us all rich! No, it will doom the environment and dislodge women’s uteruses! That’s why Future Tense has created Futurography. Future Tense is conceived as the citizen’s guide to the future, a place to explore emerging technologies and their implications for policy and society. But we decided it was time to get a little more fundamental. Futurography combines the storytelling techniques of journalism and the instructive capacity of a massive open online course, or MOOC, in an effort to educate readers about the technologies that will define tomorrow.

June 2016: Self-Driving Cars

May 2016: Drones

April 2016: Artificial Intelligence

March 2016: Cyberwar

February 2016: Algorithms

January 2016: Geoengineering