A giant footprint in the snow, seen from above. Inside the footprint, a person crouches, holding a flashlight or weapon.

A Lion Roars in Longyearbyen

By Margrét Helgadóttir A story about a holiday parade, a hunter, and a zoo full of lab-grown animals.

A colorful, distorted image of an aisle in a store, with boxes and bottles from shelves, plus a shopping cart, being sucked toward the background.

Universal Waste

By Palmer Holton A story about a small town, a murder, and a massive recycling plant.

The Myth of the 25-Year-Old Brain

Mobile Homes Have a Major Climate Change Problem

An illustration of two human figures sitting on the black keys of a giant piano, facing one another.


By Ysabelle Cheung A story about gender, companionship, and the inner lives of robots.

Two people hugging, their faces not visible, lit from below by a yellow light from a smart phone.


By B. Pladek A story about navigating ever-unquantifiable risk.

An illustration of the back of a person's head, with a hand holding scissors ready to cut their hair. The image is in blue and purple neon, and marred by digital imperfections.

The Only Innocent Man

By Julian K. Jarboe A story about our digital pasts coming back to haunt us.

Why Soylent Green Got 2022 So Wrong

A Day in the Life of India’s E-Waste Workers

An illustration of a vehicle coming towards the viewer, headlights on, seen through cloudy, partially shattered glass.

All That Burns Unseen

By Premee Mohamed A story about the future of fighting wildfires.