In the Land of Broken Things

Future Tense Fiction

An illustration of two people leaning over a counter, facing away from the viewer. The person on the left has orange hair and is wearing a blue hoodie, and the person on the right has two long braids and a robotic left arm.

In the Land of Broken Things

A cartoon-style illustration showing a maze made of blue postal envelopes, with several exact copies of a small human figure with long hair running around between them.

Congratulations on Your Loss

An illustration of a trolley, hurtling toward the viewer, lights on, with a digital overlay showing ghostly images of people and computer-interface style text, including the phrase "syntax error."

The Trolley Solution

Illustration of a young man hunched down, face-to-face with a hyena.


Illustration of a person looking out of the half-down window of a car, from the side.

The Vastation

A woman sleeping on a throne-like chair, against a white background littered with colorful letter and number symbols.

Dream Soft, Dream Big

The Suicide of Our Troubles Illustration

The Suicide of Our Troubles

Illustration of a smartphone with a cracked screen against a maroon background and a profusion of white flowers.

The State Machine

A young woman kneeling down in front of the door of a storage unit, next to a standing humanoid robot.

Legal Salvage