Sad Robot

Future Tense Fiction

An illustration of a person kneeling, looking up at a set of four towering computational servers in glass-fronted cabinets. The scene is in shades of blue, pink, and purple.

Sad Robot

By E.R. Ramzipoor A story about what happens when an AI goes to therapy.

An illustration of an oil rig in the ocean, with a helicopter flying above it, rendered in shades of blue, white, and grey.


By Suyi Davies Okungbowa A story about oil rigs, community, and redemption.

A human figure running in the distance, away from the viewer, on the surface of a giant bright pink brain.


By Julián Herbert A story about artificial intelligence and addiction.

Illustration of a person in a long-sleeved shirt with neck-length hair standing in front of a small desk and looking out of a floor-to-ceiling window over the ocean.

No Regrets

By Carter Scholz A story about geoengineering, billionaire hubris, and “altruistic” narcissism.

A courtroom drawing–style illustration showing a person in a blue suit interrogating a mounted glowing screen on the witness stand, with the judge looking on.

The Big Four v. ORWELL

By Jeff Hewitt A story about a copyright lawsuit against a prolific A.I. author.

Illustration of several people seated around a round table, looking up startled at a spotlight shining down on the center of the tabletop.

I Know Thy Works

By Tara Isabella Burton A story about a dinner party, an accident, AI, and the slipperiness of ethics.

Illustration of a person with long dark hair, wearing reflective virtual-reality goggles, popping a blue gummy candy into their mouth. The background is comprised of blue-green pastel rectangles irising into the distance.

Escape Worlds

By K Chess A story about video games, personalized media, and the futility of escape.

An idyllic English-style country manor in the distance. In the foreground, hedges form two concentric circles, with a foreboding black monolith at the center.

The Preschool

By Jonathan Parks-Ramage A story about brain-computer interfaces, privacy, and education.

An illustration of two people looking at one another in profile, one balding in a green shirt, one bald in a blue shirt. Between them is a vertical DNA strand.

Intangible Variation

By Meg Charlton A murder mystery about grief, epigenetics, and surfing.

A grid of colorful images of Bigfoot and evidence of the creature, including a muddy footprint, fur caught on a branch, a person looking through binoculars, and more.


By Torie Bosch A story about de-extincting a creature that (probably) never existed.