Future Tense Fiction

Two people hugging, their faces not visible, lit from below by a yellow light from a smart phone.


By B. Pladek A story about navigating ever-unquantifiable risk.

An illustration of the back of a person's head, with a hand holding scissors ready to cut their hair. The image is in blue and purple neon, and marred by digital imperfections.

The Only Innocent Man

By Julian K. Jarboe A story about our digital pasts coming back to haunt us.

An illustration of a vehicle coming towards the viewer, headlights on, seen through cloudy, partially shattered glass.

All That Burns Unseen

By Premee Mohamed A story about the future of fighting wildfires.

A cartoonish illustration of a man, with holographic versions of himself trailing, reaching to pull a person back from a crosswalk.

This, but Again

An illustration of a state house building in a cardboard box labeled New Olympia, floating in water.

Out of Ash

An illustration of a tree covered in strange glowing lines, encased in a transparent chamber, situated in the middle of what looks to be a space station.

The Woman Who Wanted To Be Trees

An image of a TV screen, with the words "Empathy Hour" in red bold text, and a dangling basket with a person clutching a large dog, being pulled to safety.

Empathy Hour

Illustration of a stylized dinner plate, split into sections, showing plants, aquatic plants, and various kinds of insects. The plate is being held up by two cartoon-style people.

Good Job, Robin

A cobbled-together jeep with huge wheels, solar panels, and towering antennas rolls through a desert landscape.

If We Make It Through This Alive