Good Job, Robin

Future Tense Fiction

Illustration of a stylized dinner plate, split into sections, showing plants, aquatic plants, and various kinds of insects. The plate is being held up by two cartoon-style people.

Good Job, Robin

A cobbled-together jeep with huge wheels, solar panels, and towering antennas rolls through a desert landscape.

If We Make It Through This Alive

A collection of disparate images in a grid: an upper-case letter B, a lighted number sign denoting your place in line, a water cooler and hand holding a paper conical cup, an airplane, a hummingbird.

The Wait

By Andrea Chapela

A story about disappearances, surveillance, and stultifying bureaucracy.

An illustration of a snaking nest of pipes connecting a toilet, a sink, and other destinations. In the pipes are little cartoony, colorful renderings of molecules.

Beauty Surge

By Laura Maylene Walter

A story about plumbing, wastewater, and surveillance.

An illustration of a heavily armed robotic soldier in beige-and-brown camo, holding a weapon and a shield.

Collateral Damage

By Justina Ireland

A story about what happens when a robot goes to war.

A black-and-white illustration of a skeleton crumpled to the ground in a closet.

The Skeleton Crew

By Janelle Shane

A story about a haunted house, A.I., and a rock star.

An illustration of two people leaning over a counter, facing away from the viewer. The person on the left has orange hair and is wearing a blue hoodie, and the person on the right has two long braids and a robotic left arm.

In the Land of Broken Things

A cartoon-style illustration showing a maze made of blue postal envelopes, with several exact copies of a small human figure with long hair running around between them.

Congratulations on Your Loss