Future Tense Fiction

Illustration of a young man hunched down, face-to-face with a hyena.


Illustration of a person looking out of the half-down window of a car, from the side.

The Vastation

A woman sleeping on a throne-like chair, against a white background littered with colorful letter and number symbols.

Dream Soft, Dream Big

The Suicide of Our Troubles Illustration

The Suicide of Our Troubles

Illustration of a smartphone with a cracked screen against a maroon background and a profusion of white flowers.

The State Machine

A young woman kneeling down in front of the door of a storage unit, next to a standing humanoid robot.

Legal Salvage

A stylized black-and-red American flag, with a chain superimposed over it, breaking, with a coin emerging from the broken point in the chain.

How to Pay Reparations: a Documentary

An adult and two children sitting at a table eating, each wearing rainbow-lensed goggles

The Last of the Goggled Barskys

An illustration of a human hand and robot hand, both holding green beer bottles, clinking them together against a solid pink background.

Scar Tissue

A woman with long hair looks over at another long-haired woman holding a small child. DNA helixes and flowers surround them.

Daffodil’s Baby