Scar Tissue

Future Tense Fiction

An illustration of a human hand and robot hand, both holding green beer bottles, clinking them together against a solid pink background.

Scar Tissue

A woman with long hair looks over at another long-haired woman holding a small child. DNA helixes and flowers surround them.

Daffodil’s Baby

Illustration of two versions of the same older man in a suit, in profile, facing one another, with a variety of objects and scenes behind them: a factory, a coffee cup, a chess set, and more.

Paciente Cero

A small orb with bristles, like a seed, with a cartoon mouth with teeth.

It Came From Cruden Farm

Illustration of a woman with red and purple hair, clothed in red, against an abstract background with chains, jets of flame, and stylized check-mark and question-mark icons

The Truth Is All There Is

Illustration of a robot embracing a child, and another robot embracing an adult, against the backdrop of an outdoor playground

Actually Naneen

An illustration showing a celestial gate with a drone floating overhead, and a screen to one side with a "stop" hand on it, along with many small lights and buttons. A small human figure stands in front of the closed gate, bathed in light emanating from a nearby security camera.

A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Robot Walk Into a Bar

Illustration for the story "Affordances" by Cory Doctorow, showing two people conferring while using handheld devices, against a background of floating facial-recognition displays.


An illustration of a giant human head, laying on its side, bright blue, in a lab space, with a bunch of human figures on hovering machines tending to it, testing it, and building it.

Double Spiral

What the Dead Man Said